Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like being in Brooke's book...

Over a late dinner one night a couple were talking about their adventures in Stock Island earlier in the evening.

They had been bicycling on the primarily industrial commercial area of the Key second from Key West, and they ended up on this lonely road with the remains of an auto scrapyard on one side, a mangrove swamp on the other, and no sign of human or habitation in sight.

Kim turned to Mike and said this is really scary. As one they turned and said to each other "…it's like being in Brooke's book."

Mike said that they both laughed but he admitted that it was a nervous laugh, because in Brooke Babineau's novel Below Mile Zero, many dark and dangerous things lurked at the end of that very road.

Unlike many novels that are totally made up with very little to connect them to the real world, Below Mile Zero is very much set in reality, and one can easily connect to the events in this classic suspense thriller while touring the tropical paradise known as Key West.

Rumor has it that a pictorial essay of the sequential locations listed in Below Mile Zero is presently underway by a local entrepreneur.

More on this development and where the presentation can be viewed in a future posting.